Day: 10 August 2015


Idea Factory and Gloczus team up to bring the Otome visual novel Amnesia: Memories to mobile

Idea Factory and Gloczus have announced today that they have teamed up to work together on bringing the visual graphic novel Amnesia: Memories to mobile devices in the West. While the PS Vita and PC versions will be arriving this month (August 25th in North America, 26th for Europe), the companies also announced a version for Android and iOS but with no specific release date as of yet.


Google announces it will use Vulkan for Android’s low-overhead graphics API

If you’re a developer, or a general technology nerd like ourselves, then you probably follow the news for things like APIs and other coding goodies. You may remember that not too long ago Apple announced that it will be using Metal starting with iOS 8, and that the next OS X version will be bringing that API to the Mac later this year. The newly released Windows 10 includes DirectX 12, which Windows Phone will soon be getting. So what about Android?


HyperDevBox holds a Summer Sale on all their games, discounting them for 45% off for a limited time

HyperDevBox has release a decent selection of Android games since they started doing mobile games a few years ago. Even though throughout all that time they have released only 11 games, all of them are top quality titles such as Record of Agarest War and ExZeus. Well now you have the opportunity to pick up any of their games on sale for 45% off their regular prices.


[Game Review] Sometimes You Die: A Stark but Brilliant Platforming Game

Philipp Stollenmayer has created a wonderful and brilliant platforming game called Sometimes You Die. The main protagonist in the game is a square, that navigates its way through varying puzzles and sparsely colored environments. It is not a long game, but the fun you have in the game makes it well-worth downloading. Here’s the kicker, sometimes you will have to die to get to the next level.