Day: December 17, 2014

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Cinemaware’s Rocket Ranger Reloaded gets fully funded on Kickstarter

Back in October of 2013 Cinemaware released their WWII adventure game Rocket Ranger onto Android. Not too long after that the company started a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring an enhanced version of this game to gamers which is called Rocket Ranger Reloaded. The good news is that the Kickstarter campaign was successful and the development for this game has been fully funded.

Game News

[Updated] Gameloft’s upcoming Brothers In Arms 3 gets a new teaser trailer

One of Gameloft’s bigger franchises will be getting a third installment soon and true to Gameloft’s usual style of promoting updating game, we have a new teaser trailer to check out. Brothers In Arms 3 will be different than the last two games in a few specific ways, but the main change will be that it won’t be on-rails anymore. Instead players can roam around each area freely.

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[UPDATED] The Taekwondo Game: Global Tournament is Coming to Android Soon

Hello There is a developer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They focus on developing games for entertainment, but also produce animated commercials, games for training, marketing and providing creative consultation. Luckily for Android users, they have also produced some pretty good games in the Play Store, such as Save a Rhino, Avicii/Gravity, Find a Way Soccer and Khaba. Their latest release, will have you kicking, punching and blocking people, even if they play their games on an iOS device. The Taekwondo Game: Global Tournament, has been soft launched in Sweden and Canada, but the game is coming to Android soon.

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Android Market: We Need to Talk

Hey there Android fans, I’m a bit new in town. I’ve come to visit the mobile/tablet gaming space a couple of times and, for the most part, I get it. Thing is, with devices like my trusty Shield tablet getting into the market it is bringing in a slightly different kind of gamer, and I’m here to tell you we’re going to stage an intervention…

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[Updated] New details found point to the Android tablet version of Hearthstone’s release could be near

We have been watching the development of Blizzard’s TCG title Hearthstone since it was originally announced. It has been teased since the game’s release on PC that it would be coming to mobile devices, with the iPad being the first to be confirmed (and actually get a release of the game), followed shortly by Blizzard coming clean and announcing a version for Android as well. As time drew closer to Blizzcon 2014, more details starting coming forth about the Android version and then during Blizzcon 2014 it was confirmed that the company was planned to release the Android tablet version this month.