Day: 30 October 2015


Fight back against the armies of darkness by playing Mahjong in Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night

For fans of Mahjong Solitaire, there is a new game out that incorporates Mahjong Solitaire into a story driven puzzler. Tabbed as Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night, this game is solitaire with a story. The tiles have been customized for the game, so instead of seeing the tiles that one would normally see in Mahjong Solitaire, the tiles are thematic to the game. So players will be seeing and matching tiles that are marked either as monsters or helpful items.


Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable game emulators find working homes on Android Wear

We have already seen some pretty interesting games getting ported onto Android Wear watches, with most being playable but barely due to the screen size mainly. Still, it is always cool to see games like Half-Life showing up on an Android Wear watch, even if it is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. The latest additions to this sort of thing actually happens to be two emulators, one for Nintendo 64 games and the other being for Playstation Portable titles.


[Update: Released] 11-bit Studios will be bringing This War Of Mine to smartphones next month

11-bit Studios posted a new video blog on their YouTube channel, which is something they do on a regular basis where they talk about what the company has been working on lately. However, this time there was some pretty interesting news regarding their latest game This War Of Mine. Currently this game is only available on tablets (not including PC and console versions), but that appears to be changing and as soon as next month.