Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable game emulators find working homes on Android Wear

We have already seen some pretty interesting games getting ported onto Android Wear watches, with most being playable but barely due to the screen size mainly. Still, it is always cool to see games like Half-Life showing up on an Android Wear watch, even if it is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. The latest additions to this sort of thing actually happens to be two emulators, one for Nintendo 64 games and the other being for Playstation Portable titles.

Again, these games are totally playable but due to the screen size, it’s almost impossible to play any game you run through these emulators with any sort of skill. YouTuber Hacking Jules has released a couple of videos showing both Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable games running on an original LG G-Watch, complete with onscreen buttons and all.

For the Nintendo 64 side of things, the first video shows Mario and Zelda: Ocarina of Time running on the LG G-Watch, and actually being played decently. Pretty sure my fingers won’t be able to do this, but hey, it is pretty damn cool to see this working.

In the second video, we have Playstation Portable games running on the same LG G-Watch through a different emulator (PPSSPP for those of you curious about which emulator it is), complete with all the onscreen buttons once again. This time it is Monster Hunter running on the G-Watch and due to how demanding that game is, at least on this older watch, everything is sort of moving in slow motion. Still cool though!

While most of these types of things going on with Android Wear watches aren’t practical for actual gameplay, it is always cool to see what people can do with something like this. You should check out Hacking Jules other videos, which shows even more games working on his LG G-Watch including classic Mario Bros and Street Fighter II.

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