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Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable game emulators find working homes on Android Wear

We have already seen some pretty interesting games getting ported onto Android Wear watches, with most being playable but barely due to the screen size mainly. Still, it is always cool to see games like Half-Life showing up on an Android Wear watch, even if it is a proof-of-concept more than anything else. The latest additions to this sort of thing actually happens to be two emulators, one for Nintendo 64 games and the other being for Playstation Portable titles.

Game News

Alter the Earth’s orbit on your Android Wear Device, to avoid celestial collisions in Wear Orbit

Released by Teensy Studios, Wear Orbits is a new game for Android Wear. The idea, as well as the gameplay, are simple. Players are in control of an earth-like planet that is orbiting its star. As this celestial body is revolving happily, it will come across other planets, meteors, et al, that will need avoiding to prevent an astronomical collision.