Day: October 8, 2015

Game News

Alter the Earth’s orbit on your Android Wear Device, to avoid celestial collisions in Wear Orbit

Released by Teensy Studios, Wear Orbits is a new game for Android Wear. The idea, as well as the gameplay, are simple. Players are in control of an earth-like planet that is orbiting its star. As this celestial body is revolving happily, it will come across other planets, meteors, et al, that will need avoiding to prevent an astronomical collision.

Game News

Now you can run your own RPG shop in Cloudcade’s new game Shop Heroes

One of the biggest unsung heroes in any RPG title is the shopkeeper. He is always there when you need him, usually fully stocked with everything you could need to successfully complete the journey you’re on. It’s a lot of work and usually he is there giving you a good deal on his goods as well. When was the last time you thanks your local shopkeeper in that RPG you’re playing?

Game News

Arcade-Style Puzzler Pix the Cat launches onto Nvidia Shield devices

Now available on Nvidia Shield devices, Pix the Cat is a mash-up between two old school classics, Snake and Pac-Man. Each single screen level contains a number of eggs and a corresponding number of target spaces. Each time Pix grabs an egg, it turns into a duckling that then proceeds to follow Pix around the level. Collect more eggs and your tail of ducklings gets longer and longer… so long, in fact, that eventually you have to be wary of hitting your own ducks and receiving a penalty.

Game News

Round-up of Mojang’s Q&A session yesterday: Build height increase, Gear VR version incoming, and much more

Yesterday we reported on Mojang who did a live stream Q&A session on Twitch about Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. Everything from future plans for both versions of the game, to what we can expect in the very next update was covered. A few interesting tidbits did come out that fans of the franchise will be interested to know.