NetMarble releases the fast-paced platformer QuickBoy onto Android

NetMarble has finally globally released their newest game onto Android called QuickBoy. This particular game is a fast-paced platformer featuring lots and lots of undead creatures, mainly zombies. Unfortunately, due to the zombie apocalypse that has happened, most of humanity won’t step outside. This is where QuickBoy comes in.

QuickBoy, or what is officially known as QuickBoy Inc, is an elite group of people who run a business during this zombie apocalypse in a sort of Steampunk style of world. Their job is to deliver packages of supplies to people around the city while not getting taken out by the numerous zombies. A lot of the action is Parkour style, so players will be running, jumping and sliding their way around the city, delivering one package at a time.

QuickBoy Features:

• Over 70+ stages containing non-stop, action-oriented gameplay.
• Utilize power-ups and the terrain to maximize your score and complete missions.
• Activate and level-up drones and jetpacks to dodge obstacles and enhance gameplay.
• A mode where the players participate in an endless-running stages to compete against players from all over the world.
• Weekly rewards include items, trophies, and bonus rewards depending on the rank achieved by the player.
• Deliver packages to people in need of help.
• Send Hearts to fellow Quickboys to help them successfully deliver packages and complete levels.
• Rescue friends from zombie attacks.

Besides the normal game mode, players also have an option to play in an endless runner mode as well. On top of that, there also happens to be quest-based challenges players can try to complete for additional rewards. Depending on how well you do each week, you’ll receive bonus rewards as well. So the better you do, the more you get at the end of the week. Visually, this game also has a rather unique 3D, almost claymation style of look to it.

QuickBoy is now available globally off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs available as well. You can also check out the game in action with the video below.

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