Save the world by climbing to the top of the tower in Rise of Kramora

Released by Slashware Interactive, Rise of Kramora is an RPG that’s designed to play on Android Wear. The game is set within the Tower of Sephira, which players are tasked with exploring their way up to the top floor. Inside, the tower contains weapons, potions, armor and lots of enemies.

The tower is occupied by the Holy Order of Ananias, who seek to summon the great Serpent Kramora, in order to both destroy the world as it is, and create a new one in a new image of their design. Players will be be able to confront these enemies using either melee combat attacks, or one of a variety of spells, All of these options are needed in order to reach the top floor on the 25th level, and reclaim the ancient Tome of Kramora, to stop the madness.

The gameplay is a roguelike RPG, so it will be different each time you play, and is also designed as a watchface. This way, players can play this game anywhere or when they’d like. The developer has also released the ability for it to be played on players’ phones as well. The gameplay and graphics are the same, regardless of what device it is being played on. Players will choose from options that show up on the screen, such as “explore” or “use stairs”, with enemies and loot showing up on the screen and used immediately. There’s no inventory management to speak of.

When played on a phone, the screen simulates an oversized watch, and the game is played on that instead of a watch proper. Rise of Kramora is available for free from Google Play.

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