Day: 5 April 2016


Comedian and actor Andy Samberg has released a series of videos for Monster Strike

Another trend that seems to be going strong still these days happens to be the one where game developers are hiring big named actors and actresses to star in commercials for their mobile game. Mobile Strike is currently pimping out Arnold Swartzeneggar in a number of video-based ads, and other games have had their share as well, such as Clash of Clans and Game of War, just to name a couple. Monster Strike is the newest member of this list, bringing on Andy Samberg who just completed and released a series of eight videos for that game.


Meet Dream Team, a new indie game studio by Scott Miller and Lee Perry. Their first game is Boxy Kingdom.

Two veterans of the video game industry have come together to form a new indie game development studio called Dream Team, which is a suitable name considering who the two founders happen to be. One founder is Scott Miller, who is also the founder of 3D Realms and co-creator of games such as Wolfenstein 3D. The other is Lee Perry, who was the lead designer of Gears of War and Prey by Human Head Studios. So it really is sort of a dream team.


Popular YouTuber KSI will be getting his own beat ’em up mobile game this Summer called KSI Unleashed

The trend of famous people and popular YouTubers getting their own mobile game is continuing with the announcement that another popular YouTuber by the name of KSI will be launching his own game later this Summer. KSI is a well-known YouTuber, mainly in the UK although he does have a large following everywhere, who has just over 16 million subscribers between his two YouTube channels.


Roguelike survival game The Flame in the Flood is now available for Shield devices via GeForce Now

Fans of roguelike survival games have a new one to sink plenty of their free time into if you also happen to own an Nvidia Shield device. The recently released The Flame in the Flood by The Molasses Flood has just been made available for Shield devices using the GeForce Now platform as a premium title. This means you will also receive a code for a copy you can download onto your PC.


Keep pipes clear and water flowing in Drain Pipe Contract, now available for Android

Released by Titli Studio, Drain Pipe Contract is a new take on the classic puzzler Pipe Dream. In Drain Pipe Contract, players are looking to manage the plumbing for five different islands, all named after the boroughs of New York City. These islands contain 55 different puzzles, where in each of them players will begin with a board that contains an apparently random assortment of pipes.