Jason Voorhees makes his way to Mortal Kombat X on mobile just in time for Halloween

One of the most famous horror movie characters recently made his way to Mortal Kombat X for PC and console, but unfortunately not for mobile. That, however, has changed today and right in time for Halloween no less. Jason Voorhees is now available as a playable character in the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X.

Jason Voorhees coming to Mortal Kombat X actually adds a few different features to the game on mobile. First, and the most obvious, is the fact that you can now play as him. Secondly, with the arrival of Jason comes the new Jason Challenge players can attempt to complete. In order to add Jason to your roster, you’ll have to beat him in the new Jason Multiplayer Season that has now begun. This will provide you with several opportunities to gain the machete-wielding killer to your line-up.

That wraps up this update for Mortal Kombat X for mobile. For those of you playing this game, you can now download the Jason Voorhees update off of Google Play for free. You can also check out all of his gory action in the video below. Enjoy.

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