Apple announces their very own gaming console system called iPlay

Apple has come out to reveal what could be the direct competitor to the Android-powered gaming consoles out there like the OUYA and GameStick, Officially called the iPlay, Apple is touting this console as the next step in the evolutionary chain of mobile games that will also be able to be played while sitting on your couch at home.

Like OUYA, Apple’s upcoming iPlay console will come with a vast category of titles available at launch that spans across pretty much every genre of gaming that exists. Interestingly enough, the iPlay will be integrated with iTunes so gamers will be able to sync their accounts right up and be able to download their games that they already own to their new iPlay console.

The iPlay actually will be available in a few models as well, so you can pick which one is right for you whether you’re a more casual gamer or lean towards the more hardcore gaming lifestyle. Lastly, the form factor of the iPlay will be familiar to anyone who has owned an iPhone before so it should be easy to just pick one up and start playing games with it when you get home. Check out the video above to catch a sneak peek at the iPlay and some of the games it will be coming with at launch.

Website Referenced: IGN

P.S. April Fools from IGN!

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