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Hardware News

[Updated] Ouya’s external storage issue being worked on, beta begins next week

One of the biggest issues with the Ouya game console is the fact people have no real way to have external storage usage. So once your internal storage is filled up, you’re kind of left in the dark as to what to do. It’s a problem Ouya is well aware of and have been working on it for a bit now. The good news is it looks like a solution is coming closer to happening.

Game Features

Quick Interview with John Gargiulo from Bluestack about their GamePop console system

Recently BlueStacks, a company best known for their software which allows select Android apps to run on PCs and Macs, announced their latest product, the GamePop. For those of you unfamiliar with GamePop, this is a home gaming console running Android to play Android games on but features a subscription-based business model where players can access all the games in full for a monthly fee.

Game News

OUYA already has over 100 games confirmed for launch

Some more news regarding the Android-powered console OUYA but this time it isn’t about the hardware or anything like that. Instead it is about the games that will be available for people to play when the console begins shipping to the masses. As of last night there are a 104 games already confirmed for OUYA when the console begins shipping to consumers.

Game News

PlayJam begins announcing GameStick compatible games ahead of GDC

PlayJam is gearing up to do the official unveiling of their portable Android gaming console GameStick during GDC 2013 next week as well as an announcement that is in regards to the games that will be available to play using GameStick when it goes on sale retail-wise and pre-orders ship. In our previous article about GameStick’s GDC 2013 unveiling, the company mentioned that there would be around 30 titles available for the initial launch.