[Updated] Ouya’s external storage issue being worked on, beta begins next week

One of the biggest issues with the Ouya game console is the fact people have no real way to have external storage usage. So once your internal storage is filled up, you’re kind of left in the dark as to what to do. It’s a problem Ouya is well aware of and have been working on it for a bit now. The good news is it looks like a solution is coming closer to happening.

Update Oct. 9th, 2013: Sign-ups to try to get into the closed beta for the external storage support are now live. You can sign up here and try your luck getting in. If you don’t manage to get in, no worries, it shouldn’t be that long of a wait until the update for external storage support rolls out if all goes well.

Ouya has announced that their solution for external storage is being worked on right now and will be entering beta testing next week. According to the announcement it will be a closed beta (why?) but regardless of the reason for the closed beta, all Ouya owners should be hoping that this will go smoothly enough that we should see external storage support arriving real soon.

In the meantime there is another OTA update heading our way real shortly that will be addressing some minor bug fixes and more performance optimizations that the software needs. This is all good and dandy but really, give us the external storage.

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