OUYA already has over 100 games confirmed for launch

Some more news regarding the Android-powered console OUYA but this time it isn’t about the hardware or anything like that. Instead it is about the games that will be available for people to play when the console begins shipping to the masses. As of last night there are a 104 games already confirmed for OUYA when the console begins shipping to consumers.

This number will most likely grow substantially before the actually launch of the unit happens, especially with how big the list of confirmed games for OUYA is already. The retail launch will happen this upcoming June 4th, 2013 which is when everyone who didn’t back the Kickstarter project will be able to purchase an OUYA unit through retail outlets.

Our guess is that by the time June 4th arrives for the retail launch, the number of games available will have more than doubled at least, probably in the area of around 300, give or take a few.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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