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OUYA will be available for retail sale on June 4th

For those of you who haven’t pre-ordered an OUYA unit yet and would rather by it at retail, there is now an official date for when the Android-power console will go on sale and that is June 4th, 2013. That is, of course, as long as nothing happens to change that ate before then.

Anyone who pre-ordered a unit through the console’s Kickstarter campaign will be getting theirs shipped out starting today. The launch party, which all backers were invited to, is also happening tonight in San Fransisco.

Right now it isn’t clear if there will be any sort of bundles sold at retail but the unit itself with one controller (as well ass all the cables and such) will be available for $99. As for where you can pick a unit up, pretty much every major retailer will be stocking them such as Best Buy and Amazon.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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