Nvidia appears to be gearing up to release a “Shield Tablet”

We had previously reported on the FCC filing of the  NVIDIA Shield 2, but it is not the only Shield device in the works apparently. Rumors of a NVIDIA Shield Tablet started with a tablet, named “NVIDA Mocha,” when it appeared on GFXBench. Later, the site Fudzilla posted a story about this 7.9″ tablet being a part of the Shield Brand.

The Mocha has the new quad core Tegra K1 chip, which will also be in the Shield 2, along with two cameras – one 7MP camera on the back and a 4.8MP front-facing camera. It is worth noting that it would only have 2GB of RAM, less than the Shield 2’s 4GB.

The Shield Tablet’s quick appearance on Nvidia’s Tegrazone

While Fudzilla gave no specific source for this tablet being capable of using GameStream in their original article aside from the inclusion of 5GHz WiFi support, a key feature of the NVIDIA Shield which is needed to run GameStream, their claims have been backed when a listing for an Shield Tablet appeared on NVIDIA’s Tegrazone website for a brief moment. It has since been taken down.

Since this is a tablet we are talking about, it would require a separate controller in order to function like the current Shield. The Shield 2, while by almost all means confirmed to be happening, has still not been officially announced.

Website Referenced: Tom’s Hardware | The Tech Report

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