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Amazon rumored to be launching their own Android game console this year

This rumor has been floating around since the later part of 2013 but apparently there is a bit more validity to it now. According to VG24/7, Amazon will be launching their Android game console sometime this year and will be priced somewhere below the $300 mark. That price point isn’t surprising considering Amazon likes to try and make their Android-based devices priced as low as possible.


Rumor: Nintendo looking at possibly supporting smartphone applications

Well isn’t this a tad ironic. After our post yesterday about Ouya which sent many of you, our readers, into a frenzy due to a comment about the Wii U, it appears that Nintendo may be looking at the possibility of supporting smartphone applications and games. Of course we’ve heard far fetched rumors before including the rumor that the Wii U actually was running a version of Android, or Nintendo was considering it at least.