Rumor: Nintendo looking at possibly supporting smartphone applications

Well isn’t this a tad ironic. After our post yesterday about Ouya which sent many of you, our readers, into a frenzy due to a comment about the Wii U, it appears that Nintendo may be looking at the possibility of supporting smartphone applications and games. Of course we’ve heard far fetched rumors before including the rumor that the Wii U actually was running a version of Android, or Nintendo was considering it at least.

So now we have reports from “company sources” that are apparently saying that Nintendo is considering and figuring out if they are able to support smartphone applications and games. If this is true it would certainly give the Wii U a boost in sales to say the least. Some developers have already ported their games from Android and iOS to the Nintendo 3DS and vise versa.

Of course what would be better is Nintendo actually releasing games onto Android and iOS but Nintendo has made it rather clear that won’t be happening anytime in the immediate future. We are not even sure how Nintendo would be able to pull off compatibility for smartphone applications with the Wii U. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses if, in fact, any of this is true.

So far it looks like iOS applications and games are at the forefront of Nintendo’s mind in regards to the Wii U supporting a particular platform. Of course it could also end up being Android for all we know. ‘Smartphone’ is a rather general term but so far the emphasis seems to be iOS.

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