Day: 23 October 2012


The old school arcade game Legend of Kage comes alive on Android

If you are old enough to remember the good ole arcade days where you could drop a silly amount of quarters into a game or fifty in less than a few hours from the time you entered the arcade. One game that was quite popular was called Legend of Kage and now it looks like this arcade classic gets to live on but instead of in an arcade, it gets to live now on our Android devices thanks to developers RunSystem Corp.


Royal Revolt has you trying to conquer castles that were taken from you

While there are plenty of tower defense and siege games out there on the Google Play store, very few have you playing as the offensive party and not the defensive one. However, that is exactly what happens in a new game by Flare Games called Royal Revolt. Wrapped up in some solid 3D graphics, you will be in charge of trying to take back your father’s castles that has been stolen from you.


Townsmen Review: Like an ant farm, but with people

Townsmen, a new virtual city builder by Handygames, is so enjoyable that I had a hard time putting it down. The strange thing is that there isn’t much to the game, if we could even call it a game. Really the title is more akin to those cool ant farms we had as a kid, and possibly related more closely to those giant ant farms that we see in a zoo or private collection. I sat and watched as my hands worked, unable to control what they were doing. This game, this tiny virtual world, had taken over my body and kept me glued to my Nexus 7 tablet. Why did this happen? I have no idea.


Most of Gameloft games now compatible with the Acer Iconia Tab A510

I’ve been using the Acer Iconia Tab A510 as my primary Android device ever since I sold my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 back in May, and there was no bigger frustration than coming to know that my device was basically unsupported by Gameloft. Up until a few hours ago, only a handful (and by a handful I mean six) games were supported. I can’t recall all six, but Let’s Golf HD, Men in Black and the two latest games in the Asphalt series were among four of the supported games.


Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass will be coming to Android in 2013

Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass has had it’s cameo at a few events over the Summer and now we get to have a bit more of a solid release time frame for when it would be arriving to mobile platforms. That’s right, platforms, as in plural. Not only will Windows 8 mobile be getting it but so will iOS and Android as well. Of course Microsoft products will get it first while iOS and Android are slated to get SmartGlass sometime in early 2013.