The old school arcade game Legend of Kage comes alive on Android

If you are old enough to remember the good ole arcade days where you could drop a silly amount of quarters into a game or fifty in less than a few hours from the time you entered the arcade. One game that was quite popular was called Legend of Kage and now it looks like this arcade classic gets to live on but instead of in an arcade, it gets to live now on our Android devices thanks to developers RunSystem Corp.

While this isn’t an official port of the original arcade game, the developers have done as best of a job as they could with trying to bring the original game over to Android. The graphics are different but sort of stick to that retro look that the original game had as well, just less pixelated. In terms of game mechanics, Legend of Kage for Android is about as close as you’ll get to the arcade version although a few of the actions you could do in the arcade version don’t seem to be in this one.

Legends of Kage Features:

– Gorgeous design and ravishing game scene.
– Speedy ninja actions and brilliant graphics.
– Animated sound effects.
– Various stages and battles with gigantic villains.
– You can choose various levels from easy to difficult so as to match with your capability.
– Suitable all most of devices (normal to x-large smartphone and Tablet).

Like we said, this isn’t an exact port of the original arcade game unfortunately but it is pretty close to the real thing. If you actually remember Legend of Kage from your arcade days then you’ll probably want to pick this game up if for no other reason then to have a trip down memory lane. It’ll only cost you a whole lot of free as well to get a copy. Just a side note, the game’s official name is Ninja Game (Legend of Kage), most likely to avoid trademark issues.

Google Play Link: Legend of Kage

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