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Zen Studios has begun teasing Bethesda Pinball

Zen Studios, one of two companies that are the foremost developers when it comes to pinball games on any platform and not just mobile, have begun teasing a new game called Bethesda Pinball. As you are probably aware of, Bethesda is the company behind some very big franchises on console, PC, and mobile, such as the Fallout series.


Zen Pinball releases the infamous V12 pinball table onto Android

Zen Studios announced today that the rather infamous V12 Zen Pinball table has now been released onto Android. When this table was originally released for Zen Pinball on other platforms, one of the core four tables to come with the original release was V12. This table quickly rose to infamy because of the way the mission structure was laid out, making it at time quite the grind and more geared towards the hardcore pinball player than the casual ones.


[Update: Released] Zen Studios reveals that Ant-Man will be the next Marvel themed pinball table

Coming hot off the heels of the recent release of the MARS pinball table, Zen Studios has announced that the next Marvel-themed pinball table for their Zen Pinball platform will be Ant-Man. For those of you not familiar with who Ant-Man is, he is a somewhat underrated superhero in the Marvel universe who can shrink down to the size of an ant. However recently Ant-Man has had a bit of a makeover by Marvel and now he looks a lot better than he used to.