Zen Studios and FOX Entertainment are teaming up for a Family Guy pinball table

While everything right now seems to be focused on bringing Marvel’s Ant-Man to as many mobile games as possible, including Zen Pinball, the company behind the game actually have another table planned as well. This is, of course, after the release of their Ant-Man pinball table next week. So what’s the new pinball table planned? Well it’s a Family Guy table.

Zen Studios and FOX Entertainment have teamed up to bring a Family Guy pinball table to their Zen Pinball platform. For some reason this feel like it should have happened before now, but that could be due to some of us here being big Family Guy fans. The news of a Family Guy pinball table came from the San Diego Cominc Con which is just starting up.

However, unlike previous pinball table announcements, there is no additional information regarding the upcoming Family Guy pinball tablet, only that it is in the works. Usually the company gives plenty of details when announcing a new table. So we will be keeping our eyes open for more details and will post an update when we get them. Brandon is currently wandering the Comic Con floor so we will have plenty of mobile gaming news to report on soon.

Website Referenced: Zen Studios

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