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[Update: Winners Picked] [US Residents Only] Enter for a chance to win a Portal-themed T-shirt from Shirts.com

Nvidia is getting ready to launch their new Shield Android TV console, which will allow us Android gamers to not only play Android games but PC and console games as well, depending on the system/service you use with it. Between that and Zen Studios getting ready to launch a new Portal pinball table that they worked on in conjunction with Valve, there is a lot of non-Android specific gaming heading our way soon. Since a lot of people are fans of Portal, we figured giving away some Portal-themed T-Shirts would be a fun thing to do.

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[Update: Released] Tips and Tricks to consider when you are playing the upcoming Portal Zen Pinball table. New trailer also released.

Even though we have a week before the new Portal themed pinball table from Zen Studios arrives for all platforms including Android, the fine folks over at Zen Studios shared with us some Tip and Tricks that you might want to keep in mind for when you do end up playing this table once it is released. We also plan to preview this new pinball table over the course of the next couple of days.

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Zen Studios has two new original pinball tables coming this month to Zen Pinball

Zen Studios has announced that they have two new original pinball tables heading our way soon to their Zen Pinball platform. One of the tables is actually based off of one of their other non-pinball games called CastleStorm. The other new table is a Western themed one called Wild West Rampage. Both tables will be making their appearance near the end of this month within Zen Pinball.

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The Walking Dead Pinball Review: A Decent Attempt At Bringing The Franchise To Pinball Fans

Some background: As a life-long fan of video arcades since their beginnings I’m also a tremendous fan of pinball machines. It has only been in the last few years that video emulation of pinball has gotten close to matching the experience. In terms of commercial pinball video games there are two very different camps: On the one hand you have Pinball Arcade that places an emphasis on making reproductions of actual physical machines, on the other you have Zen Pinball that keeps the broad strokes of physical machines in mind but abuses the fact that there are no limitations to what they can do, making only original tables. While, on the whole, I will admit I’m more inclined to enjoy the best converted Pinball Arcade machines there are several Zen Pinball machines I’ve gotten some quality hours with. Rather than have my reviews for these tables go over the merits of the game engines themselves, we’ll assume that the people reading the reviews are familiar with the base games already and are only really interested in a review of just the table itself.

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The Walking Dead: Season 1 will be getting a pinball table soon in Zen Pinball

Due to the popularity of The Walking Dead franchise it should not really be much of a surprise that Zen Studios will be bringing The Walking Dead: Season 1 to Zen Pinball in the form of a new tablet to play. Considering how much eye candy, animation and general fun most pinball tables from Zen Studio have, this newly announced The Walking Dead table should be pretty good.