Day: February 17, 2015

Game News

Newspaper Boy Saga is like the old school Paper Boy game but 100% more violent

Remember the old school Paper Boy game from back in the arcade days? If you do then you will remember how fun that game could be at time. Well a new game has arrived that is sort of like Paper Boy except with a lot more violence than its inspiration had when it was popular. In Paper Boy your goal was to try and deliver newspapers to house perfectly, while riding your bike and avoiding numerous hazards along the way.

Game News

Spells of Genesis is an upcoming game that will use the Bitcoin Blockchain for the in-game economy

It is pretty interesting to see game developers trying out new things that haven’t really been done before and an upcoming game for mobile called Spells of Genesis is one of those games. What is this game doing that hasn’t really been done before? Well the big feature is that Spells of Genesis will be using the Bitcoin Blockchain for the game’s economy.

Game News

Zen Studios has two new original pinball tables coming this month to Zen Pinball

Zen Studios has announced that they have two new original pinball tables heading our way soon to their Zen Pinball platform. One of the tables is actually based off of one of their other non-pinball games called CastleStorm. The other new table is a Western themed one called Wild West Rampage. Both tables will be making their appearance near the end of this month within Zen Pinball.

Game News

[Update: Event Started] Deadman’s Cross now has expanded cross-platform multiplayer. Resident Evil Revelations 2 cross-over event coming soon.

Deadman’s Cross from Square Enix has been available on mobile devices for some time now. In case you didn’t know, this was actually an exclusive release for mobile devices… that is until today. Square Enix has release Deadman’s Cross onto the PS Vita (accessible through the Playstation Network). With this release onto the PS Vita, Square Enix has expanded the cross-platform multiplayer features to include this new PS Vita release.

Game News

Nvidia’s GRID service will hit 40 titles the same day as their GDC 2015 press event happens. Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, and Metro Last Light Redux coming to GRID this month.

More evidence is coming to light that whatever Nvidia is planning to announce at GDC 2015 has something to do with their gaming on demand service GRID. Today Nvidia has announced that there will be a total of 40 titles available on GRID soon. In fact the next three titles which will push the GRID catalog to 40 are some rather big games.