Day: June 26, 2015

Game News

Android Game Sale Round-Up: 2K Games sale, Chainsaw Warrior, Templar Assault and more

Well it is about that time again for another round-up of Android games currently on sale at the end of another week. This week’s list actually has some pretty good games on it, with 2K Games putting a few of their game on sale like XCOM: Enemy Withing, which we reported on earlier this week. It turns out 2K Games wanted to do more than just one game, which is fine with us!

Game News

From the developers who brought you Pivot and Bing Bong comes a new game called Ding Dong

Nickervision Studios has released a few of these simple yet addictive arcade games onto Android already. So far we have Pivot, Bing Bong, and Righty Tighty. Needless to say their new game follows a similar pattern for its name as well, with this one being called Ding Dong. Like its funny named brethren, Ding Dong also features addictive and simple gameplay, although not as simple as the first few games.

Game News

Sc0tt Games’ newest teaser image for Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 is nice and creepy

Back in April of this year we reported on Sc0tt Games announcing the next installment into his Five Nights At Freddy’s series and that it would be coming this Halloween. Sc0tt Games also likes to post strange and generally creepy teasers, whether that be a video or images, in order to make sure those of you who are fans of the series are nicely creeped out before the next game release.

Game News

Pixelbite hints at a Space Marshals sequel and announces Space Marshals Chapter 3 is on the way

While fans of Pixelbite seem to either love their newest game Xenowerk, or thing the company could have done better with it, one thing is for certain, Pixelbite fans love their Space Marshals game. So fans should be happy as Pixelbte has not only started showing off the next and final chapter for Space Marshals, they have hinted that a sequel may happen, since they said they want to make one.