Day: 14 October 2014


App Trials could be heading to Google Play soon. A Try-Before-Buying type of system.

Google is currently toying around with a rather interesting system that they may be introducing into Google Play in the near future. This system is called App Trials and it is essentially a Try-Before-Buying type of system where users can try out a game (or app) before purchasing it. Not too far off from what Ouya used to have and what a lot of PC marketplaces already currently do with PC games.


Award Winning Adventure Game Botanicula Arrives in the Play Store

Amanita Design is a a small game studio based in the Czech Republic. They know how to make award-winning games. The studio was started in 2003 by Jakub Dvorsky, and now, Amanita Design has seven members, including Mr. Dvorsky. Have you heard of a game called Machinarium? If you have, you are familiar with Amanita Design. Today, we learned that another of their titles, Botanicula, has finally made its way to the Play Store. Adventure/puzzle fans should be excited, because Botanicula is another wonderful adventure game.