Project J is a hard and challenging game from developers My Kung Fu

A new game called Project J has landed onto Android yesterday from developers My Kung Fu which is quite the challenging little title to try and get good at. The gameplay is fast, hard and will definitely pose a challenge to anyone who enjoys games that are not easy to get good at.

Basically in this game you control the light which has to navigate throughout a world that has been consumed by shadows. In order to refill your energy, you’ll need to collect sparks along the way while staying out of the dark shadows to survive. What makes this challenging is that the shadows move based on where you go because you are the light, so the shadows cast in the wold will move depending on where you go. So essentially each level is dynamic.

Project J Features:

– unique mechanics
– very hard and challenging fast-paced gameplay
– highly addictive
– simple and attractive graphics
– achievements and leaderboards
– everyplay enabled

While the controls and actual gameplay are simple, getting somewhere within the game itself is not. The best way to get an idea about this game is to check out the trailer for it, located in the video below, to see what we mean by the levels being dynamic. You can literally cut off your own route if you go the wrong way because the shadow movement closes it off.

Project J is available now on Google Play for free and does contain some IAPs if you want to take advantage of them.

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