Day: 30 March 2015


Playcast’s Packful Of Fun Ouya package adds Batman Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition) and Battle vs. Chess to its roster

Playcast has added two new games to their current running Packful of Fun package on the Ouya Marketplace. If you are not familiar with what Playcast is, essentially this is a game streaming service where users pay a monthly fee in order to have Triple-A titles streamed to their TV. The Packful of Fun package is their service but for the Ouya console.


More details about Mevius Final Fantasy’s battle system

Mevius Final Fantasy is one of the list of Final Fantasy spin-off games heading our way in the near future, except this game is considered as a new full installment in the franchise and not a spin-off. When we originally reported on this game, there wasn’t a whole lot of details available to talk about. However, details regarding the battles and how they will work in Mevius Final Fantasy has been announced and they are a bit different then what you may be used to from previous Final Fantasy titles.


Today on Twitch: Diving into the Izanagi Online close beta, Taichi Panda giveaways and more. Starting at 1pm PST.

So today is Monday, the beginning of the week and depending on where you live and if you are in school, it is also the beginning of Spring Break for you. If this is the case then you have lots of free time to play video games, whether that be on console, PC or mobile. So to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break, we have some giveaways planned all week both here on the site as well as during our TwitchTV streams.


Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Edition gets a premium version released

Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Edition was originally released back in October 2014 as a free-to-play game with IAPs available for additional content that players could buy when they wanted to do so. While the free-to-play version has done well for itself, apparently there was enough people out there who asked for a premium version that Tapstar Interactive listened and now there is a premium version available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.