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Mevius Final Fantasy is one of the list of Final Fantasy spin-off games heading our way in the near future, except this game is considered as a new full installment in the franchise and not a spin-off. When we originally reported on this game, there wasn’t a whole lot of details available to talk about. However, details regarding the battles and how they will work in Mevius Final Fantasy has been announced and they are a bit different then what you may be used to from previous Final Fantasy titles.

Essentially, Mevius Final Fantasy will have players collecting Elements (represented by orbs) each round which are then used to cast your abilities. Each ability will have their own type as well as a number which represents the amount of Elements needed to use it. On top of that there are also Ability Cards that can be used when certain conditions are met. However the main bulk of combat will be collecting Elements and using that to use your abilities. This of Ability Cards as spells that require certain things before being able to be used.

Mevius Final Fantasy doesn’t complicate the Element system too much, having only four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. While players will be able to use abilities regardless of Elemental alignment, monsters will have a weakness to a certain element which will do even more damage to it than normally. This is something everyone should be used to if you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game. However, if a player hits a monster with an ability that matches the monster’s elemental alignment, they will do less damage to it.

The same Elemental Orbs used for combat can also be used to grant your characters elemental resistances to that particular element you use on them. So using a fire element on your character will make them more resistant to fire damage for a period of time. The strength of the resistance you get is also dependent on the number the element you use has.

Lastly, there is also a Break feature. This feature happens when you continually attack a monster and make their Break meter reach 0. When the Break meter reaches zero this puts the monster in a weakened state called Break Status. This gives your characters a better chance to land bigger attacks for more damage.

Ability Card Examples


Shiva is the merciless queen of the ice world. Her Blizzaga consumes six water Elements, and hits all enemies with a water-type attack that brings out a mass of ice around the target for huge area damage. She also has an auto-ability of “Magic Up”.

Fat Chocobo

The lovable Fat Chocobo comes with the “Barrier” ability that costs two Elements and raises defense. After usage, the Barrier ability can’t be used for 8 turns, so you’ll want to be careful with its timing.

Mevius Final Fantasy is still planned for release this year. There still is no specific date or pricing information released as of yet. When that does get announced, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

Official Website: Mavius Final Fantasy

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