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Zen studios celebrates Halloween with new Blade, Ghost Rider and Paranormal Pinball THD tables

Zen Studios has gotten really into the Halloween spirit this year by releasing a trio of new tables for Zen Pinball THD, with all three tables themed after something rather suitable for tonight’s upcoming shenanigans. Available for purchase and download through Zen Pinball THD are tables themed after Blade, Ghost Rider and a more generic but equally spooky table called Paranormal.


Marvel Pinball will be getting a new table soon and it’ll be all out Civil War

A new table will be arriving soon for the Marvel series of table on Zen Pinball THD called Civil War. Zen Studios have been hard at work it seems having released two tables already last week and now a third is on the way. In this table though, civil war has broken out where players must choose either Iron Man in support of the Superhuman Registration Act, or join Captain America in the fight against it.


We talk to Zen Studios about Marvel Comics, Android, and of course, pinball!

If you’re a pinball enthusiast then you may have heard of Zen studios. Creator of hit titles such as Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX, this indie developer knows their way around the digital table top. Having recently released their first Android title, Zen Pinball, we had a chance to speak with Mel Kirk, who gave us a rundown on their partnership with Marvel Comics, Android, and of course, pinball!