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The upcoming action-sim game Star Command could be out by January

We’ve reported on Star Command over the past little while from it’s Kickstarter project start to the 15 minute early gameplay rundown and everything in between. Well the developers have posted a new update over on their Kickstarter page that gives us a better idea of when Star Command will be released, what still needs to be done, and even a new video.

To summarize the rather long update post, basically a majority of the visuals are done as well as most of the effect. Some sound work still needs to be finished by the developers say that the sound effects won’t take much time at all. A lot of the work remaining seems to be secondary items such as the little detail that make this game rather cool like laser cannons shooting and the animation of enemy ships getting destroyed. With a lot of the work already finished, this means the game is getting close to being released.

Star Command Original Teaser Trailer

While the developers won’t mention any specific released date, the current plan is to have the game done and ready to go by the end of November however a December release would put them up against big name releases that come out this month and still have momentum on the markets they plan to release Star Command on in December. There is also locked weeks on the App Store during December for releases, not good for trying to release on multiple platforms at the same time. This leaves January as the closest release month for Star Command should the developers choose not to release in December which is very likely.

You can read up on all the update info over on their official Kickstarter blog update page. The new video is short but you’ll have to go to their Kickstarter blog to watch it. It just shows some new ship anmations.

Thanks to Alexander B for the tip

Kickstarter Page: Star Command Update

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