Day: November 15, 2012

Game News

Call of Duty Elite app updated to support Black Ops II, includes live streaming.

Two days ago Call of Duty fans were finally able to get their hands on the next installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series of games, appropriately named Black Ops II. Well along with this new release of Black Ops II, Activision have updated their Call of Duty Elite service to support their new Black Ops II game and that also means that the Elite application has also been update.

Game News

Shadowgun: Deadzone leaves open beta status, now officially launched

Madfinger Games have been running an open beta for their multiplayer version of Shadowgun, called Shadowgun: Deadzone, for the last few weeks now. Right on time with their announcement of the game dropping the open beta tags and officially launching on November 15th, 2012, Shadowgun: Deadzone has arrived on Google Play. There is also a few things you should know when you go to jump into shooting other people in the face.

Game Reviews

Keeping it Casual #2: The Top 3 Miniclip Games

Miniclip has been doing casual games on the PC for a few years now, and it seems they are starting to spread on to the Android Play store. These games are strictly casual affairs, with simple, bright graphics, polished gameplay and best of all almost all of them are free to download. I have been through all their games and have put together my top 3 in no particular order from Miniclip giving each one a quick review.

Game News

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.5.0 update now live – Enter the Nether Reactor

About a week and a half ago we talked about the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update that would be heading our way soon. It was going to be coming with a pretty unique feature called the Nether Reactor which is basically an end-game, due to the materials need to build it, type of item you can construct. Well, for those of us who have waited patiently, the 0.5.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now live for downloading.

Game News

Humble Bundle 4 for Android gets five more games added to it

It’s been about a week since Humble Bundle 4 for Android was released into the wild for all to buy and download. Featuring five games already, six if you include the unlockable Machinarium game if you chose to pay over the average amount being paid for the bundle at the time of you purchasing it, the Humble Bundle 4 for Android has seen quite a bit of success, selling over 124,000 bundles, adding up to over $760,000 in total sales in the first week. To celebrate this, the folk over at Humble Bundle have added five more gamed to make the total 10 that you will get, 11 if you pay more than the average.