Day: 5 December 2012


Gameloft’s MOBA game Heroes of Order & Chaos has arrived; announcing the HoOC league

Gameloft’s high anticipated MOBA game called Heroes of Order & Chaos has finally arrived onto Android after a couple of months of us waiting for its development to be finished. We’ve covered some of the details and features that would be coming with this game in the past but in case you missed those posts, we will give you the quick and dirty rundown about Heroes of Order & Chaos.


ResidualVM get an unofficial port for Android, brings with it Grim Fandango

ResidualVM is another emulator that is a cross-platform 3D interpreter which allows you to play LucasArts’ Lua-based 3D adventures games and has had a team working on it for awhile now. As with all things relating to emulators, the inevitable question arises about an Android version. Well it seems some users over on the ResidualVM forums have taken it upon themselves to unofficially port the emulator over in the hopes that the ResidualVM team picks it up and makes an official version from it. However, the unofficial version works very well and you can grab it and play a little Grim Fandango on your Android device if you’re up for it.


Rayman Jungle Run to get 10 more level in upcoming update

Ubisoft’s rather enjoyable running and jumping game based on the Rayman series, called Rayman Jungle Run, will be getting an update that will bring with it ten new levels to run your little Rayman character through. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it is based off of those rather fun bonus levels found in Rayman Origins and is built using the same engine, UbiArt Framework Engine, that Rayman Origins was made from.