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Rockstar brings back Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to Google Play

It looks like Rockstar Games have gotten whatever the problem was that was making anyone downloading their new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game throw Validation Errors fixed as the game is now back on the Google Play store as of a few moments ago. For those of you who missed the whole ordeal, Rockstar released the game last week but had to take it down after a few hours of being available on Google Play.

There was some bug that was causing anyone who downloaded Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to receive validation errors with their servers regarding their copy of the game, making it completely unplayable. It looks like Rockstar worked hard on getting it back onto Google Play a lot faster then when Grand Theft Auto III had issues, which took a few weeks to fix. Rockstar said it would be back before the end of this week and it is.

If you’ve been waiting to grab a copy of this game, you can now do so off of Google Play for $4.99.

Google Play Link: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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