Day: 12 December 2012


Adult Swim brings back the monsters in Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Adult Swim released Monsters Ate My Condo some time ago, which itself is a great game to play, and have decided to follow it up by bringing the monsters back in a new game called Super Monsters Ate My Condo. The gameplay is pretty much the same for the most part, as are the visuals, except for the fact you only have two minutes in this game to get as many points as possible. This makes the game a lot more frantic.


Contre Jour Review – Cut the Rope meets World of Goo in this physics puzzler

Physics puzzlers are a staple in the world of mobile gaming. They are among the most popular genre of games on the platform, mostly because they are light on graphics and generally easy to create. Enter Contre Jour, a critically acclaimed title originally from iOS that has won awards from even Apple themselves. Now that it has reached the shores of Android, is it worth your time and money? Read on to find out.


GameSpy shuts down multiplayer servers, blames publishers for it

Interesting news coming out of the world of multiplayer games, specifically mobile ones, as GameSpy has closed down multiple multiplayer servers being used in games. The reason? Basically the short story is that they were not getting paid and that contracts were not being renewed, publishers were just letting them lapse. Obviously a company can’t run without making money so this has led to a shutdown of multiple servers.


Rockstar brings back Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to Google Play

It looks like Rockstar Games have gotten whatever the problem was that was making anyone downloading their new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game throw Validation Errors fixed as the game is now back on the Google Play store as of a few moments ago. For those of you who missed the whole ordeal, Rockstar released the game last week but had to take it down after a few hours of being available on Google Play.