Day: 8 January 2013


[CES2013] The CES show floor opens today, here’s who we are seeing, give us your questions!

Today is the first official day of CES 2013 as the showroom floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels become a mad house of people trying to fondle every gadget under the sun, interview people while other people try to eavesdrop on said interview, feet being stepped on, shoulder checks and backpacks swinging freely, and all the other good stuff we’ve come to love when trending through the see of people rushing everywhere.


Shaquille O’Neal stars in his own post-apocalyptic zombie game ShaqDown

As if there aren’t already enough zombie games flying around on Google Play, you can now thank former NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal for adding one more game to that menacing list with ShaqDown. Developed by Hiptic Games, this is a game with a simple kind of design where you jump between three levels and take on hordes of zombies by throwing a basketball and unleashing a special power.


Under The Radar #2: Bogan’s Run, Lime 3D, The Great Fusion and more

Welcome to the second installment of our Under The Radar column where we showcase a few good games that we may not have been able to publish as full articles on our website. Ultimately, with this, smaller developers get vital exposure for their games and you get to have more games to play on your plate. If you know of more quality games released recently that have not got the attention they deserve, let us know by leaving a comment below!