Day: 25 January 2013


Unigine Corp’s upcoming Oil Rush strategy game’s full details and hands-on treatment in new video

Unigine Corp got in contact with us this morning to share with us a rather nice hands-on video of their upcoming Oil Rush strategy game that we reported on yesterday which is heading our way next month, at least temporarily for Android devices with Snapdragons S4 chipsets inside them at first. We also now have a full list of features that will be coming with this game as well.


RetroArch is the Swiss Army Knife of emulators for Android devices

When we talk about emulators it is generally because there is a new one out that is emulating a new system such as the PPSSPP emulator. However, there is a new kid in town and he’s throwing his weight around like it’s nobody’s business. Why is that? Well that is because RetroArch is like the Swiss Army Knife of emulators featuring a multitude of systems you can play on your Android device.