Day: February 25, 2013

Game News

Brick Force will finally be getting its mobile app sometime this year

You may remember the Minecraft style FPS game we were talking about early last year called Brick Force. Since the game’s release, it has undergone a lot of updates and has received added content to make it quite an enjoyable game to play on your PC. However, when we were talking about Brick Force, we were mentioning that it would be receiving a companion application for Android devices to use.

Game News

[MWC2013] Epic Citadel shown off running on Intel’s Z2580 dual-core Atom chip

For whatever particular reason Epic Games has decided to release a new video showing off Epic Citadel on Android but this time on Intel’s Z2580 dual-core Atom processor. Recently release onto Google Play, Epic Citadel is basically an interactive tech demo where users can move around and explore some of the areas in the universe where the Infinity Blade series takes place, this mostly being a castle and the town inside the walls of said castle.

Game News

GungHo Entertainment’s Puzzle & Dragons earns around $2 million a day right now

The most recent release onto iOS and Android from GungHo Entertainment is their Puzzle-RPG title called Puzzle & Dragons. While this game has gotten quite popular on both platforms, GungHo Entertainment has released some figured that are rather impressive. The company claims that right now Puzzle & Dragons earns around $2 million per day between both Android and iOS in Japan.

Game News

Team Meat’s upcoming game Mew-Genics will come with cats… lots of cats

The developers behind Super Meat Boy have announced their newest project which happen to be a mobile game going by the name of Mew-Genics. This particular game will features cats… lots and lots of cats in a game that hey are labeling as a ‘cat lady sim’ type of game. Needless to say this is both awesome and horribly terrifying at the same time, especially if you have a fear of cats. That would make this game your personal hell.