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Rhythm-based puzzle game Zen Training arriving March 1st

This week is shaping up to be quite a week when it comes to Android games. Adding to the growing list of titles that we be launching this week is Crescent Moon Games’ Zen Training which is already currently out for iOS devices. Crescent Moon Games has a tendency to release rather unique games and Zen Training is no exception to that rule.

This particular game is a rhythm-based puzzle game based in a Zen garden and brings in the ideals of Order and Chaos (not the MMO). In the center of this Zen garden there is a tree and surrounding this tree are five different stones, each with their own color and symbol. Players have to match up those stones with the ones falling from the tree.

Zen Training Features:

High quality 3d Graphics: Push your device to the max with fully 3d graphics and dynamic environments.
Intuitive Controls: It can be played with just one finger.
Addictive Gameplay: Challenge yourself and others to get the best score on infinite game levels.
Funny Bonus Levels: Five different bonus levels to achieve more points and much more fun.
Charming Soundtrack: Live a totally immersive experience with zen music and sounds that change together with graphics and mood.
Social Features: Share your results and challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends.

When it comes to content, Zen Training has an infinite amount of it. That is because there is no end to it except for when you screw up enough times and lose. Zen Training is slated for release this Friday, March 1st, 2013 and should it follow the same pricing as its iOS brethren, you should be able to buy yourself a copy for $0.99.

Developer Website: Crescent Moon Games

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