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Minecraft Realms – A few more details about Mojang’s hosted Minecraft servers

As most Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans know, the 0.7.0 update that is on its way this April (if all goes well) will bring true multiplayer to the game. As we suspected in our previous coverage of the multiplayer functionality, it will be called Minecraft Realms.

While most of the new details apply to the upcoming Minecraft Realms in general, which will also be available for the PC version, what did come out of the details is the possible pricing of what a person will have to pay to have a Mojang hosted Minecraft server, or in this case, a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server. Right now Mojang is eying up a price point of somewhere around the $10-$15 per month mark for anyone who wants their own private Mojang hosted server.

Of course other details like if Minecraft: Pocket Edition servers on Minecraft Realms will come with unlimited terrain generation aren’t yet known. A price point of $10-$15 isn’t bad though at all.

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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