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Amazon offers up their Free App of the Day Greatest Hits collection

Amazon’s AppStore is currently celebrating their second birthday and has been doing so for the past week with a variety of games and apps on sale for 50% or more off their regular price. While this sale is still going on, Amazon has decided to release a collection of games and apps for free as well as part of the celebration, calling this list the Greatest Hits collection of titles that at one point were showcased as a Free App of the Day.

The collection is made up of 18 games and applications for Android and Kindle Fire devices, all of which are now free. There are some decent titles available to snap up like Cubistry, Quell Reflect, Final Freeway and ChuChu Rocket. If you downloaded everything you would end up saving around $45 in total.

This collection of free apps and games is now available for folks that have access to the Amazon AppStore (USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan). While no end date was given as to when this collection of free games and apps would end but we can assume for now it will be when the sale ends which is sometime tomorrow.

Amazon Market Link: Free Apps Greatest Hits

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