Day: April 15, 2013

Game News

Upcoming MMORTS Godsrule gets some new concept art released

One game that was originally announced as coming to iPad but at GDC Sega announced it would be coming to Android as well is the upcoming cross-platform MMORTS Godsrule. While the game is almost complete for mobile version, it is available to check out via your PC’s’ browsers as well. However, Sega has released some rather cool looking concept art to check out while we wait for the game’s release.

Game News

They Need To Be Fed sequel announced, here’s a sneak peek

The developer for the original They Need To Be Fed and Karoshi games hopped on over to our forums a moment ago to announce the sequel to They Need To Be Fed is on the way and gave us a sneak peek at what this sequel with encompass. Officially named They Need To Be Fed 2, for those of you not familiar with the original game, this is a rather cool platformer that comes with a rather unique 360 degree twist to it.

Game News

Upcoming 3D MMORPG Destiny of Ares gets some new screenshots

A game that has been under development for some time now has finally got itself a new website, complete with plenty of information about the game as well as a slew of new screenshots. This game is called Destiny of Ares and we’ve actually covered its development in the past but as of late things have been pretty quite. Now there is plenty of information for future players to check out.