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Kemco releases their first free-to-play RPG called Machine Knight

Kemco has released another retro-style RPG onto Google Play today called Machine Knight and this particular RPG also happens to be their first full free-to-play title. For those of you not familiar with Kemco RPGs, they are pretty much smack right out of the retro era for games and old school RPG titles you used to play on consoles like the NES. Usually their games cost around $3.99 and up but Machine Knight is their first attempt at a free-to-play game.

Machine Knight can be played right through to the end without dropping a dime if you want to but for those of you who want extra powerful items or extra dungeons unlock, it will require you to purchase them through various IAPs. So what is Machine Knight about? Pretty much your standard retro RPG theme, this time with science thrown into the mix. A “Black Sun’ was created through science which leads to an energy shortage. The world is doomed until an unknown energy source is located. After trying to save the world, the world betrays your character and the world is full of new machine soldiers and things like that. You must save the world.

This game features the usual Kemco flare when it comes to the retro art involve, all solid pixel retro style art. There is also a challenge system where players can do things such as learn various jobs and skills, creating weapons by collecting materials, playing various sub quests, and challenging extra dungeons. That is outside of everything the main storyline has to offer as well.

For those of you who are fans of Kemco games or retro RPGs in general, you can pick up Machine Knight off of Google Play for free right now.

Google Play Link: Machine Knight

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