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Zynga closes down Draw Something developer OMGPop

Zynga is having some troubles these days when it comes to making money and unfortunately some of their recent acquisitions are going to be suffering for this with the first one being OMGPop. Zynga has closed down OMGPop and terminated the employment of pretty much everyone from the company already. The ones who are still there have a choice to train Zynga employees on what to do over the next two month or leave now. If they leave, their severance packages will, unfortunately, be slashed as well.

The move comes in the light of news that after Zynga purchased OMGPop for nearly $200 million not too long ago, the user count for the studio’s hit game Draw Something dropped dramatically once Zynga took control of it. In order to help bolster revenue during the drop in users, ads we added to the game and even a game show on TV was planned.

It gets even stranger as Draw Something 2 was announced not too long ago but with the news of the lay-offs, who knows if that will ever see the light of day aside from the limited release it has had so far. As for the original Draw Something game, it looks like it will remain alive, at least for now.

Website Referenced: Game Informer

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