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Ouya opens up “free the games” program for game developers and exclusive Ouya titles

Ouya has launched a program which some people may not like while others will enjoy it thoroughly, especially those of you who own an Ouya. This program, which Ouya has added $1 million of it own cash to, is for Kickstarter projects that are for games. To qualify for the program, those game developers looking for funding will have to agree to have their future title exclusive to the Android-powered console for six months.

The only other qualification is, of course, to have an actual Kickstarter campaign live and successfully funded by August 9, 2013 with an end goal of having the game released by August 2014. The funding goal must be at least $50,000 and when all the qualifications are met by a developer and their future game, Ouya will match whatever their funding goal was up to $250,000.

In order to promote a little healthy competition, there is an additional $100,000 that will be given to the developer who raises the most funds through Kickstarter during the program. So, something to think about for all you developers considering Kickstarter for funding. The down side to this, you’ll piss off everyone who owns an Android device by making them wait for six months to play your game.

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