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Shadowrun Returns still coming to mobile, we just don’t know when exactly

Harebrained Schemes have finally launched Shadowrun Returns onto PC via Steam as of yesterday and while this probably made a lot of people happy there is on question that remains – Where is the tablet version of the game promised in the Kickstarter campaign? As you’ve probably noticed, it isn’t available for Android and iOS tablet users yet. Well last week a new trailer was released for Shadowrun Returns and that is where something quietly happened, the release information changed.

Many people didn’t pick it up or notice the change at all. However what was once going to be a simultaneous release on all platform, for the most part, became simply a PC release via Steam on July 25th while the tablet version would be arriving sometime afterwards. Up until then it was always reported that the game was going to be released onto Android and iOS tablet on July 25th as well.

Why the change? We really don’t know and we haven’t been able to dig up a whole lot of information as to why there was a release date change at all for the tablet version. Nothing was mentioned in the Kickstarter updates about the whole thing either. So while mobile gamers eager to get their hands on Shadowrun Returns now have to wait a little longer, at least if you get really impatient you can always grab the game off Steam for now.

When we find out more information regarding when the tablet versions will arrive, we will post an update. The good news is the company already has another Kickstarter planned for August for another game which will utilize mobile devices. More on that later though. Check out the new trailer above in the meantime.

Developer Website: Harebrained Schemes

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