Day: September 11, 2013

Game News

Mid-Week Android Game Sale Round-Up: Sprinkle Islands, Heist The Score, Worms 2 and more

Now that there is a small break in all the events and shows going on this Fall we are able to get back to some of our ongoing series of articles such as rounding up all the Android games on sale during the middle of each week as well as the end of the week. This mid-week round-up has some pretty solid games on sale right now for anyone interested in picking up a game or two.

Game News

Ouya founder responds to Free the Games Fund controversy. Developer reactions not so good.

So if you’ve been following the news lately then you already have an idea about what is going on regarding Ouya’s Free The Games fund in conjunction with Kickstarter. For those of you not familiar with any of this, basically if a developer Kickstarts a game for Ouya and is successful with the funding, Ouya will match the developer’s goal amount. The only two requirements are that the game in question will be exclusive to Ouya for a set period of time and that the funding goal be at least $50,000.