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Square Enix announced Final Fantasy IV: The After Years to be arriving onto Android soon

Square Enix seems to be on a bit of a roll as of late with announcing a decent amount of games for mobile devices. It also seems that most of the titles being announced are from their Final Fantasy franchise. First we have Final Fantasy Agito (if it is released worldwide) and now we have Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

So what exactly is this game? Well this is the official sequel to Final Fantasy IV which is already out for Android and iOS gamers to enjoy. The After Years, as the name suggests, takes place after the original Final Fantasy IV game, 17 years after to be exact. Many of the original cast members of Final Fantasy IV make a return in this game as well as a lot of the NPCs from the SNES version become playable characters.

In terms of combat and content, if you’re playing this game then you should already know what has happened from the original title. Combat is pretty much the same as most Final Fantasy games with random encounters and turn-based combat. There’s also plenty of characters and personalities to meet and enjoy along the way as you save the world once again.

As for pricing, no word has been mentioned yet on how much Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will cost. As for when the game will actually be released, you can expect Final Fantasy IV: The After Years to arrive closer to the end of 2013.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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