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Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta program goes live and anyone can apply to join it

Mojang has announced that the company has decided to open up the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta program to everyone today. While this new beta program is open to everyone to join, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be immediately accepted into the program. If you do manage to get into the beta program, there are a few thing you’ll need to know.

The Minecraft: Pocket Edtion beta program is just as the name suggests, a group for beta testing features that are currently being developed. These could be things that are definitely planned to arrive at some point in a future update as well as features that may or may not actually make it into Minecraft: Pocket Edition. One thing is for certain though, it sounds like a good amount of fun even though you’ll be required to provide feedback and report bugs.

New inventory screen and minecarts/tracks in 0.8.0 update

If you get accepted into the program, you will be given a different version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition to play with. However, to qualify to apply for the beta program, you are required to own a copy of the full game. When in the beta, anything you create will be compatible with the final version of the game when it’s released. If you leave the beta before the final release, you’ll need to uninstall the beta copy and re-install the official version currently on Google Play.

For those of you interested in applying to the beta program, you just need to request access to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta tester group on Google+. If you’re approved access, there will be additional instructions you’ll need to follow in order to get you set up. We’ve applied and are waiting for our approval right now so hopefully we will see you all in the beta program!

As for when the upcoming 0.8.0 update will arrive, Mojang has said it’ll launch sometime before Christmas.

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Website Referenced: Mojang

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