Day: 17 December 2013


Niantic Labs officially brings Ingress out of beta testing, now available for everyone

Google’s Niantic Labs have officially dropped the beta tags that having been hanging off their location-based MMO called Ingress for quite some time now. That means this game is now available for everyone who happen to want to get in on the action. Originally this game was supposed to drop its beta tags on December 14th, 2013 but for whatever reason it has happened today instead.


SNK Playmore puts all their games on sale for a limited time

As we get closer to Christmas more and more game studios will be putting their titles on sale so we all can snag some really good deals on Android games. Hopefully many of you get new Android devices this holiday season to enjoy them on as well. SNK Playmore has jumped onto the train when it comes to discounted games for the holiday season by putting all of their titles on sale for a limited time.


Samsung’s GamePad is now an official thing, available in Europe only for right now

Samsung has officially made their game controller for their phones a thing now, releasing it to market already in Europe while everywhere else in the world will be able to buy it soon. Of course that is if you don’t already own a MOGA controller, or a SteelSeries one, or a Nyko controller, or any number of ones already available and useable with pretty much any Android device.